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ISSUE 115 VOL 21 PUBLISHED 5/10/2002


Flicks for fun

In case you've forgotten what it's like to walk out of a movie theater into the warm summer air to get an ice cream cone, perhaps you should re-acquaint yourself with the idea.

Concert Craze

This summer's music is going to rock the party that rocks the party!

An ardor for art

It seems as though the only way to escape the summer heat is to stay indoors. You might as well make the indoors enjoyable and spend time exploring the art that Minneapolis has to offer.

Time travel with VARIETY

The school year 2001-2002 could have easily passed slower than a ride on the Minnesota Zephur or could have thrown you across campus as quick as Tarzan raids the jungle. Either way, St. Olaf has experienced a whirlwind of events in the past year, many that have been scarcely known by students and faculty alike.

Teigland leaves more than his mark

Ten years from now, you may find yourself reading a brilliant entertainment article by Jonathan Teigland ‘02. Described by his friends as everything from consistent to spontaneous, Teigland is a treasure to all who know him.

Patrignani brings balance

She is Jaclyn Anne Patrignani, vice president of Student Government Association, Religion major with an emphasis in Middle Eastern studies and finally, a senior. Each bit of the opening sentences constitutes a part of her trademark dialogue – a surprising predictability for this spontaneous yet sophisticated lady.

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