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ISSUE 116 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/28/2003


Animated history lesson: Series places historical figures in high school setting

Joan of Arc is in love with Abe Lincoln. However, Abe’'s trying to hook up with Cleopatra, who just broke up with JFK for the 20th time.

American viewers sit, enjoy hot cup of 'Joe'

For more than a month now, an entire country has been focused on one man and his pursuit for his “princess.” Evan Marriott, a 28-year-old construction worker from Virginia City, Va., ultimately picked the right woman in front of 40 million viewers.

D'oh! Look who's celebrating 300 episodes

The phrase “"Don’'t have a cow, man”," may never have reached its intended popularity among America’'s television lovers, but FOX’s animated series “"The Simpsons”" has nevertheless achieved countless other successes since its debut in 1990.

Fashion police encourage flirty pieces

As the telltale signs of spring burst forth in brilliant color, let nature’s example carry over into your wardrobe.

Black History month in perspective: The Cultural Union for Black Expression hosts events

The celebration of black history began in 1926 with Carter Woodson, a Harvard graduate and former dean of Howard University.

Men play active role in pregnancy decision

It is difficult for a woman to become pregnant on her own. This raises the question: what is the role, and what are the rights, of men in the issue of abortion?

Matchbox Twenty rocks over rivals

Bands like Matchbox Twenty and Third Eye Blind caused a pop rock revival in the late nineties, each group producing multi-platinum and hit-laden albums.

Exhibit reveals Viking exploration

The Science Museum of Minnesota is presenting "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga" to challenge these myths and reveal their contributions to our North American history.

Critic’s Corner: Laughable fraternity scene on the college campus

“"Old School,”" the newest edition to director Todd Phillips’ portfolio, has little to do with the Italian mafia, however. Instead, this sidesplitting comedy focuses upon the ridiculous exploits of a rag-tag college fraternity formed by three thirty-something pals.

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