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ISSUE 116 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/7/2003


Uncovered: Truth behind the myths

Maybe it is our need to be something other than normal that makes St. Olaf students cling to rumors. Have you ever heard a student boast that Julia Roberts applied here? Have your friends ever tried to discover if there was once a brewery in Thorson Hill or argued over the true circumstances surrounding the death of the “red cap boy?”

Local restaurant serves up ‘tres bon’ cuisine

Bon appetit, Northfield, a taste of France has come to the area. Fermentations Wine Bar and Bistro in Dundas combines a small, comfortable atmosphere with a first-class dining experience.

Sister Speaks

Sister Speaks answers tough questions dealing with class and racial judgments.

Critic's Corner

Somehow, in our society, science fiction tends to always be held in a low regard. Whether it is the future antics of Star Trek or the eccentric world of Star Wars, we seem to find only flashy entertainment and silly imagination.

Punk rock artist re-emerges with mature, innovative style

Everclear has never been what one would call a “happy” alternative group.

Anticipation soothed with alternative spring break ideas

The sun is out, the ground is thawing, birds are chirping, and cabin fever abounds. Spring is upon campus, and every student has spring break on his or her mind.

Donate pint of blood, give gift of life

As the United States faces a time in which the duty of an American is a central issue, many citizens are left wondering what they can do to benefit America in its time of need. Giving blood allows one to help others in a way unlike any other.

Keith flaunts 'country pride'

“Country came to town” Saturday in the form of a six-foot-four inch country artist named Toby Keith.

Western wardrobes change with trends

As the stars of country music became increasingly popular in the late 90s, so did their sense of style.

Finding the heart of Country

Nashville is the heart of country western music and the home of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Across the state, Graceland is as much a legend as its former owner Elvis Presley.

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