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ISSUE 116 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/14/2003


Campus Cribs

College students may not live like celebrities, but comfort and creativity can bring out the best in any home

Safety truly transcends writing tickets: Student gains the perspective of a public safety officer

On Friday night, I had the pleasure of going on a ride-along with St. Olaf Public Safety officer Pamela Hoffmann.

Speed dating prevails in world of singles

Fast food. The information superhighway. Instant messaging. Speed dating?

Coveted loft living cherished by residents

Fifth floor Thorson hides one of the best kept housing secrets on the St. Olaf campus. Juniors Naomi Schwegler, Lindsay Horn and Tonya Cook, who live in one of the four Thorson lofts, feel they couldn’'t be luckier to be living the “Penthouse” life.

Health Watch: Dietary supplement Ephedra sparks debate

The controversy surrounding the use of the herbal drug Ephedra among athletes and dieters is not new, despite its most recent prominence in the media.

Uncovered: Truth behind the myths - Ytterboe the dog stumbled onto campus and into students' hearts

The story of Ytterboe the dog, preserved with relish over 50 years, is a fine example of the St. Olaf spirit of activism, community and insanity.

Critic's Corner:

James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols, stands in his room and holds a loaded gun to his head. Though the camera’s view of his actions is obstructed by a partially closed door, subtitles let the audience in on what is taking place. Minutes later, a wide-eyed Nichols appears on camera again, this time telling documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, “"There are some real wackos out there." Such is the resounding theme in Moore’s most recent documentary, “"Bowling for Columbine.”"

Harper proves his talent in 'Diamonds'

Perhaps if Ben Harper had the massive media and promotional money that Dave Matthews or Sheryl Crow have, he would be just as popular.

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