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ISSUE 116 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/21/2003


Blondes battle clichés

Throughout the ages, blondes have had various stereotypes and classifications attached to them. These ideas have gone through continuous changes, ranging from Eve’s innocent golden ringlets that signified purity, to the dumb blonde jokes that relate hair color to intellectual ability.

Brunettes ponder roles

Ah, the age old question, blonde or brunette? The question can pertain to anything from a man's taste in women to asking about someone's natural hair color. Why the big fuss over hair color? Particularly, why the big fuss over women's hair color?

Coldplay heats up Target Center in recent concert

Anyone who has ever attended a concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis can attest to the venue’s often mediocre acoustics and generally impersonal environment. Such was not the case on March 13, though, when Coldplay hit the stage for the last concert of their recent American tour.

Four year transition, first-year ambition call for senior reminiscing

In four years, the entire world around you can change. Sometimes, enlightenment or disillusionment are just a lecture away. A talk with a spirited first-year student and two members of the senior class reveals how much can change in four years and how much can stay the same.

Uncovered: Truths behind the myths

Almost all St. Olaf students will be asked, at some time in their lives, whether they know Rose Nylund. Telemarketers calling to get our addresses immediately exclaim “Oh! Like on ‘Golden Girls!’” While the fictional town of St. Olaf is only as real as Rose Nylund herself, the relationship between St. Olaf College and Betty White, who played Rose on “Golden Girls,” has been going strong for many years.

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