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ISSUE 116 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/11/2003


Presence of sexuality dialogue at St. Olaf debated

The Sexuality, Spirituality and the Church Conference, held last weekend, raised many issues, not just about sexuality’s place in the church, but also about its place on the St. Olaf campus.

Uncovered truths behind the myths: Students and professors lived together in Old Main in early days

St. Olaf College was inaugurated in 1877 with the construction of Old Main. High and isolated on its lonely hill, separated from the small town of Northfield by a steep and winding carriage road, the college was almost entirely self sufficient. During one hard year, the college was forced to cut down the surrounding trees for firewood because they couldn’t afford to buy any.

Signs for peace among celebrities criticized

When Michael Moore’s name was announced at the Academy Awards as the winner of "Best Documentary for Bowling for Columbine," it seemed apparent he would use his speech to lambast the war against Iraq.

Crows still 'counting,' minus one bass player

Bassist Matt Malley’s five bandmates missed him considerably on Sunday night. Perhaps the musicians, otherwise known as Counting Crows, had genuine concern for the family emergency to which Malley was committed.

Critic's Corner: "BOOM!" explores powerful themes with great music

On the verge of a milestone birthday, a young composer is faced with a series of life-altering choices involving love, music and money.

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