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ISSUE 116 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/18/2003


Critic’s Corner: Sandler can’t “Manage” to please audiences

Adam Sandler has all of his bases covered. No film he makes from this point on in his career can be as unequivocally terrible as “Little Nicky” or as profoundly awful as “The Waterboy.” That said, his most recent endeavor, “Anger Management,” though not his worst picture, is certainly not his best.

Every penny counts

We came to college to get an education, both academically and socially, but part of the reality of college is a sudden lack of money. We are “poor college students,” as the saying goes. Everyone is on a budget. However, it can seem that it costs a lot of money to have a good time. But this is not necessarily true, and I have compiled a list of ways to make every dollar count, or, for some of us, every penny.

Uncovered: Truths behind the myths

Students have been living on the Hill and attending St. Olaf since 1878. In all that time, it is inevitable that a few ghosts should come to inhabit the various dormitories and buildings where they are rumored to have met their untimely ends. Two of the most famous St. Olaf spirits are the mysterious Red Cap Boy and Professor Ytterboe.

Sex on the Hill

Yesterday I overheard a brief conversation between two women. One said, "I feel like I'm supposed to be having sex." When the other asked why, the woman paused and looked across the cafete

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