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ISSUE 116 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 5/2/2003


Linkin Park attains rap-metal perfection in ‘Meteora’

Linkin Park (LP) has always been the pop-iest of the nu-metal crowd, and “Meteora,” their newest album, does little to change that image.

Easy Listenin’

Scenario: You're in your room with your sexual partner. He/she looks at your CDs. You turn away a little nervous, but say nothing. He/she hands you the music that will serve as the soundtrack to your intimacy. Ace of Base. You've seen the sign.

Old campus caves a source of mystery, danger

Caves have always attracted mystery and romance; if you throw a little alcohol in, too, they’re well nigh irresistible. St. Olaf’s own caves, which used to be on Thorson Hill before the college filled them in and shut them up, were no exception.

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