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ISSUE 116 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/9/2003


Summer Preview

Remember those days when summer offered three months of pure bliss? The local swimming pool was the place where “everybody knew your name,” including the pink-nosed, bronzed lifeguards twice your age. Your young heart skipped a beat when they blew their little whistles, looked at you and yelled, “No running!” Long days spent poolside were rounded out with watermelon seed spitting contests and chaotic rounds of cops and robbers. Each weekend could be wasted away at the park.

Sounding out summer

Summer is always a huge time for pop music. Whether it be Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, or Techno, every type of music seems to find its own groove in the summer. This summer of 2003 promises to be both exiting and intriguing...but only if you are an Alternative music fan. This summer will be all about the heavy hitters in modern rock. New releases in Hip-Hop appear to be anything but noteworthy, and the void in Hip-Hop talent is painfully noticeable. With major Rock releases racking up big sales, this could turn into the most modern rock-dominated summer since 1997.

Self-professed slut

It is midnight in San Francisco, and Cara prepares for work. Wigs, dresses, fishnets and high heels fly out of her closet as she digs, yelling for her lipstick. “No, the HOT pink one!” While most of the city gears up for a night of partying, Cara is headed to a neighborhood motel where she will masturbate in front of a man for two hours. When she leaves, she will have $750 in cash. Cara has been a sex worker for two years.

Critic's Corner

There are some sequels that surpass, both in quality and content, the movies for which they were intended merely as supplementary follow-ups. “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Aliens” and “The Godfather Part II” (debatably) are a few of the time-honored sequels that fall into this category.

Uncovered: Truths behind the myths

For those of you whose student work assignment placed you in the cafeteria, take heart! If you had been a student back in the early 1900’s, you could be milking cows. St. Olaf fed students meat and milk grown on the colleges’ four farms from 1906 to 1970. At one point, the cafeteria was serving 1,800 students just from the production of Olaf’s 2,900 acres full of cattle, pigs and chickens, and employing 125 student workers in the dairy, butcher shop and bakery.

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