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ISSUE 116 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/20/2002


Generating an awareness for physical fitness

Just as Sept. 11 revived America’s patriotism, the new Tostrud Center has generated a greater awareness for physical wellness on campus.

Cultivating the spiritual self

St. Olaf is not only an institution of academics, but also a community that encompasses the importance and relevance of spirituality.

From Image to Message

Where did they all go? A year ago N*Sync and the Backstreet Boys were dancing their way across television screens and into the hearts of 11-year-old girls everywhere. Britney Spears had just released another album and was threatening world domination, and Christina Aguilera had just "come on over" with her rather interesting wardrobe.

Celebrating the USA

Over 30,000 country fans made their way to Canterbury Park to be a part of Denny Hecker’s FanJam 2002 put on by country music station K102.

Written talent beyond classroom discussion

Though some critics have described Heynen’s work as a snapshot of rural life, he prefers to view his work as a satiric and ironic commentary on aspects of modern life that perhaps most people fail to recognize.

Tool ignites Xcel Center

When Tool exploded onto the stage of the Xcel Energy Center on September 4th, it became clear that this was one of those few elite concerts.

The revels of the Renaissance Festival

Huzzah! Huzzah! Come one, come all to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival where the revelry never ends and chivalry lives on! It is a land of exotic enchantments, of mystical magic, and of foolery and finery!

Will Ferguson is one satirical Canadian and his debut novel brings that personality trait to the forefront. The premise circles around the work of book editor Edwin de Valu, a lost soul of Generation X who lives in an unnamed American city (presumably New York) and lives an unhappy life amid a marriage he despises, working at a job that provides him zero satisfaction.

Chino Latino Too Hot to Resist

Looking to escape the lackluster meals at the good old caf? Tired of waiting in the ridiculously long lines that stretch as far as the Cage?

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