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ISSUE 116 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/11/2002


Traveling abroad ignites interest to adopt internationally

Parents adopt children for many reasons. Some adopt domestically, while others adopt internationally. Certain members of the St. Olaf community have chosen to adopt internationally.

Children find security in American homes

Blood is not always thicker than water, especially when it comes to a parent’s love for a child.

'Theater of War' depicts power of politicians

Four years ago the absurd comedy "Wag the Dog" was released nationwide as former President Clinton, redeeming himself from the Monica Lewinsky scandal, sent missiles to Afghanistan and Sudan.

Wilson returns to the prenumbra

Katherine Lanpher, host of Minnesota Public Radio’s “Midmorning,” welcomed playwright August Wilson in a staged interview Tuesday evening.

“Red Dragon” succeeds at the box office, maintaining an intense plot

One of the most truly terrifying novels in literature returns to the screen in “Red Dragon” Director Brett Ratner’s prequel to “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Dean Berrio advocates for culture and diversity

Dean of Community Life and Diversity Eida Berrio has been an advocate for minorities and educational achievement most of her life. In her new position, she continues to encourage all students to embrace the diverse community at St. Olaf.

Sister Speaks

Dear Sister, I am a multicultural student. And I feel that many of the multicultural students spend most of their time teaching others about their own culture, instead of learning more about their own culture. What can I do to educate myself so that once I graduate, I will be able to deal with issues that my race will face within society? Sincerely, El Padrino

Jobs bring financial considerations

Some things in life cannot be assigned a price. Things like memories, vacations from work, taking a cut in pay to accept a dream job are what we call "priceless," because we value them no matter what the opportunity costs associated with choosing them may be.

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