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ISSUE 116 VOL 8 PUBLISHED 11/8/2002


Treatment Available for seeking students

Last year, the St. Olaf Counseling Center treated 403 students with their main concern being depression.

Acknowledging severity of depressive disorders

Depression affects over 19 million American adults annually, college students included, making depression a prevalent issue on college campuses nationwide. According to a recent national college health survey, one in ten college students have been diagnosed with depression.

Exercising a new major

With a list of courses ranging from Psychology 125 to Biomechanics, exercise science, the newest major to step onto campus, has become a integral part of the physical education department.

'Continuing the Story Cloth' during New Year celebration

The St. Olaf Hmong Awareness Group (HAG) together with Carleton’s Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS) are preparing to kick off the fifth Annual Hmong New Year Celebration this Saturday.

Critic's Corner: The Ring

If you are reading this article, you have only seven days left to live. Sounds absurd, right? Nevertheless, the recently released horror movie “The Ring” boasts a similarly unbelievable tag line — anyone who watches a certain film will die within a week of viewing it.

Timberlake's new album 'justified' by fans

Justin Timberlake, a former N’Sync member, pays tribute to the 1970s pop idol Michael Jackson as he channels the “classic” Jackson with (impeccable) pop sensibility in his newly-released hit album “Justified.”

Dessert comes first at Cheesecake Factory

Choosing a dessert has never been considered an incredibly difficult task. That is, it was not until the Cheesecake Factory opened its doors to customers last spring in Edina, Minn. Flaunting a menu with over 200 items and gourmet cheesecake to boast, the Cheesecake Factory encounters a dinner rush the size of a small army nearly every night.

Bird 'watching'

Species of birds including prairie, grassland and songbirds that migrate to Minnesota are in danger according to the Audubon Society.

Schuhle makes breakfast brighter

In the cooking world there is Julia Childs, Emeril Lagasse and Jacques Pepin - and then there is Bon Appetit's very own Joan Schuhle, also known as the "omelet lady."

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