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ISSUE 117 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/12/2004


Intellectual diversity

With the presidential election coming up in November, and the country engaged in a war, things are more political than usual at St. Olaf. This, along with recent controversy has added to the heated debate over the presence of political bias in college classrooms. A movement to incorporate "intellectual diversity," which is related to political diversity, in the classroom has begun on college campuses around the nation -- including St. Olaf. What is intellectual diversity? Is St. Olaf intellectually diverse?

Study abroad, stay at home

One need not leave campus to experience St. Olafs penchant for international studies. While many students are abroad this semester, those left on campus can sample the fruits of study abroad during International Night March 13, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Urness Recital Hall.

Marginalized facial hair celebrated

Over a year ago, Tom Balsley `05 had an idea -- one that would spawn an entire week of celebration and appreciation.

Saddlin' up at the 'Ranch'

As soon as the wooden crossbeams, wire hangers, collectable jugs and mirror-bordered daily specials list catch your eye, you know you're in for a treat. The Ranch House on Hwy 3, south of Northfield, sells not just food, but atmosphere -- the atmosphere of a family restaurant trying to be more than just a local version of Perkins, yet still succeeding in making customers fear the splat of corn on the back of your head from the toddler at the next table.

It's playtime

Whoever said that the college years were the best years of peoples' lives is a liar. The best years of peoples' lives were the ones spent playing with G.I. Joes, constructing houses with Lincoln Logs or Popsicle sticks, and running away from girls with cooties. Those days were filled with going to play at the flip of a coin, and the only worry coming home for supper -- no tests or homework to get in the way of the fun.

Thank yo Ma for this CD

The genre of classical music usually brings to mind composers like Beethoven or Brahms. With "Obrigado Brazil: Live in Concert," however, Yo Yo Ma uses his cello to provide a fresh definition of the genre, as he not only remains true to the classical tradition, but incorporates the sounds of jazz on his latest album. For fans of classical or smooth jazz, the result of this combination is one hour of truly enjoyable music.

Sex on the Hill

"There's a revolution in my pants. No really, there is."

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