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ISSUE 117 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/19/2004


Iraq one year later

One year ago, the walls of Buntrock Commons were plastered with posters reminding the St. Olaf community to "Support our troops" or to "Say no to the war in Iraq." There were tables outside of Stav Hall where students could grab red, white and blue ribbon pins to show their patriotism or Day-Glo arm bands to support peace -- that is, if they could even make it up to the third floor of the Commons. Over the lunch hours on many Thursdays during February and March, war protesters blocked the stairway leading to the cafeteria.

Codependent Campus

The Wellness Center sponsored a talk on codependency last Tuesday. It's good to know they acknowledge the same problems of codependency that I see at St. Olaf almost every day. It's essentially a campus-wide epidemic -- perhaps a national one. I'd like to figure out why it happens here. What is it about St. Olaf that perpetuates so many codependent romantic relationships?

New Twin Cities salon makes 'Mink' money

Everyone wants to be a rock star -- at least, I do. Already possessing the amazing chiseled features of a rock Adonis, all I lack is the look, the attitude& the hair. However, Northfield really isn't the "hotbed" of progressive hair fashion that I'm looking for; I need a hairstylist who thinks -- nay, looks -- like a rock star yet still lives in the Twin Cities. Hark, a new salon that may provide for all of my egocentric hair product needs has recently opened in St. Paul: the Mink Hair Salon.

'Starsky and Hutch' lacking in laughs

For some, the mere joy of watching Owen Wilson (as Ken Hutchinson) and Ben Stiller (as David Starsky) prance along a beach in matching "Starsky and Hutch" T-shirts is entertainment enough to redeem a relatively mediocre film. For others, it's not. Simply put, "Starsky and Hutch" should be designated as rental-material only, primarily because it's well worth the $3 rental fee, but not worth the $7 admission price that most theaters charge.

Everyone's a critic... of Stav Hall

The Stav Hall chefs might not be able to make a pot roast just like your mama makes, but they sure can cook. They can cook well enough to nourish the over 2,700 students who attend this institution. And man, does their food inspire. Bet your mama's meatloaf couldn't beget an entirely new genre of literature. That's right, believe it or not, a new form of literature has been born on the top floor of Buntrock Commons. It is known as "the comment card."

A little glimpse of Me Without You

The Tooth and Nail Tour came through Minneapolis on Feb. 27 and stopped at the Quest Club. In front of a sold-out audience in the Ascot Room, Anberlin, Me Without You, Emery, Watashi Wa and local favorites Ace Troubleshooter performed. After watching Me Without You play a stellar set of tunes, I had the opportunity to interview their front man, Aaron Weise.

First years get frank on college life

March 12-14 was Scholar's Weekend at St. Olaf. Prospective scholarship recipients from around the country converged on campus to explore the possibility of someday attending this private Lutheran college. A year ago, current first-year students were making their own college decisions; college life loomed ahead for the then-high school seniors, and each of them anxiously awaited their seemingly glamorous, undergraduate futures. Living alone without parents, curfews or any major responsibility seemed immensely appealing. Now that theyre in the thick of college life, how have freshman students changed the naïve expectations that they originally formed in high school?

Strange 'Meetings'

"The Five People You Meet in Heaven" is Mitch Albom's intriguing 2003 follow-up to his 1997 bestseller "Tuesdays With Morrie." At first, the title may seem a bit off-putting, creating images of a novel-length sermon in which the author undoubtedly pushes his views onto his unsuspecting readership. One envisions readers pouring over the ways in which they too can achieve eternal paradise. However, the books first events effectively erase any negative first impressions.

Warren's book gives life entirely new 'Purpose'

Many college students ask: what is the purpose of my life? Rev. Rick Warren, pastor at Saddleback Church, which he dubbed "the fastest growing Baptist church in history," wrote the book "The Purpose-Driven Life." The book answers many questions about the meaning of life confronted by college students and all people. The fundamental questions the book provokes readers to ask themselves: for whom am I working? "The Purpose-Driven Life" has sold over 10 million copies and has been number one on the New York Times Bestseller list under "Hardcover Advice" for months.

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