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ISSUE 117 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/23/2004



Imagine life 50 years ago. The average 21st-century Joe probably wouldn't want to go there, because in 1954, many of the conveniences that Americans now consider modern weren't even conceivable. The majority of today's so-called "indispensable items" -- computers, cell phones, ATM machines and the Internet -- have only just started to have a significant impact on society. Yes, technology is certainly changing the world, but is this change a subtle facelift or a Michael Jackson botch job?

'Kill Bill Vol. 2' slays a step above the rest

Quentin Tarantino is a good director. In fact, he's something of a directorial genius. In spite of his flair for violence and absurdity, Tarantino creates films that are so unique and intense that one cannot help but respect his vision. Last October, when Tarantino's "Kill Bill Vol. 1" was released, moviegoers witnessed a cinematic effort like nothing they'd ever seen. "Vol. 2," which opened Friday, is no exception to the Tarantino rule; sure, the story is recycled from "Vol. 1," but this sequel is a film far removed from its antecedent.

Faculty-owned dogs reign

When students come to college, they must not only leave their families behind, but they must also say goodbye to beloved family pets. Pets are a part of life that many students miss while attending college. Thankfully, many St. Olaf faculty members are more than willing to share their pets with the students by bringing their furry friends to school.

A cache of chips

Throughout history, one game has been a consistently fundamental part of America's collective social fabric: poker. While the game of poker has not always been the most popular form of American entertainment, it has recently become quite a national phenomenon. Poker, especially the highly popular form of the game known as Texas Hold em, is present in contemporary films, television, literature and households across America. The poker epidemic has spread to the Hill as well, consuming entire residence halls, leaving wallets (both empty and filled-to-capacity) in its wake. For some students, playing poker is simply the continuation of a long-standing love affair with the game. Students like Mike Frasier 04 have been poker players for almost a decade.

Tiny's wins sizable raves

If you have two dollars, three minutes and a wicked hunger, Tiny's is the perfect place for you. Wedged in between Goodbye Blue Mondays and the First National Bank on the east side of Division Street, this Northfield stand-by offers a nice hideout and some good hot dogs.

'Good News' for MTV

Modest Mouse is quite possibly the most-well known indie-rock band in the music industry, but their latest release, "Good News For People Who Love Bad News," may be the record that bridges the gap between indie-rock stardom and pop sensation. This is a scary thought for music geeks who like to keep their favorite artists a secret, safe from the average MTV viewer, but "Good News" may be too good to keep quiet.

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