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ISSUE 117 VOL 17 PUBLISHED 4/30/2004


Rock n' roll is dead?

The modern music industry is confused. In search of what is next to come, major record labels are scrambling to decipher what the youth of America want to listen to.

Just a typical night

It was just a typical night -- a few cowboy hats, dinner at the Char House and a little dancing to the tunes of a live band. Toss in a few fancy dresses, a king and queen, and what have you got? To be fair, you've got a prom -- the Northfield High School (NHS) prom, to be exact -- but the "big night" for NHS students is certainly not the typical formal affair one might expect.

Clarkson, Aiken idolized

Thousands of screaming teenagers. Hundreds of overpriced souvenirs. Six gratuitous key changes. Three fresh-faced, cynical Oles. Two American Idols.

Flattening of Flaten razes mosque, not spirits

Groundbreaking for the new science complex is less than two years away. This means, among many other things, that students will have to say farewell to Flaten Hall. While most students agree that Flaten Hall is in dire need of a much-overdue demolition, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) will be losing something very close to their hearts when the old art building is leveled -- the St. Olaf mosque.

Alaska native releases one chill album

Singer-songwriter Lucas Paine `06 recently released "Where the Pavement Ends," his debut solo CD that he calls "melodic, acoustic 'thought-rock.'" Introspective, inventive and full of raw emotion, Paine's CD offers musings on love, life, society and world peace, all of which he delivers with genuine passion and chameleon-like musical flexibility.

Doin' It: Steph Walker '05 Co-editor-in-chief, Viking Yearbook

Steph Walker `05 may be one of the most involved individuals on campus. No matter where you look, there she is -- as long as you don't look too high. At 5'2'', Walkers frame is less than imposing, but she is quick to point out that she's not that short.

On these grounds, look-a-likes abound

Beth Watson `05 has never met Assistant Professor of Philosophy Geoffrey Gorham. Neither has her fellow Ole Choir member, Aaron Williamson`05. Nevertheless, Beth and Aaron have been pegged as Gorham's campus look-alikes -- with their striking good looks and dark, wavy hair, the three are near-dead ringers of one another.

Sex on the Hill: Climax lax

There was a woman in my dorm sophomore year I called the "Orgasm Queen." She had audible and lengthy orgasms whenever her boyfriend was visiting. But I met her a while ago and we got onto the subject of sexuality, and she told me she'd never had an orgasm. I was troubled and amazed. Last week, a student sent me the following letter:

Karaoke 101: Tips for singing success

Over the years, many St Olaf students (aged 21 and above) have discovered a cure for "Hump Day": the fabulous Wednesday night karaoke scene at the L&M bar in Dundas. Here are the "top ten" tips to ensure that your own karaoke experience is the best it can be:

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