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ISSUE 117 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 5/7/2004



No Arbstock, no Wellstock, no fish soaked in lye. I guess that's why they call it the Blues.

Mean girls telling of high school horror

The recently released film Mean Girls has a relatively simple plot -- one that teen movies have used for decades. However, this film is not to be overlooked by Dawson's Creek-wary moviegoers.

Idol times

For the second year in a row, Ole Idol will give students with superstar aspirations the chance to showcase their flair for performance. Hymns and classical music must make way for a pop invasion.

Alt-rock band reveals Screech's powers

How Screech has grown up. A long way from the fabled halls of Bayside High, Diamond can now be found playing bass for the band Salty the Pocketknife.

Melodic science

Within the first 30 seconds of Prince's newest album, the transgressions of nearly a decade of mediocrity are absolved as Prince, the artist formerly known as the Symbol, utters the words we never thought we'd hear him say again: "Mm, Funky!"

Sex on the Hill: Final Thoughts

Inevitably, my final column is the most difficult to write. I wish I had something final to offer as I graduate, a sexual ultimatum that would solve our problems. But sex is complicated. And writing a sex column is complicated.

Riding, writing shotgun

In the beginning there was "The Iliad." Now, there is "The Way of the Gun Riders" by St. Olaf's very own Stefan Johansson `05 and his cousin Tim Johansson of Northwestern College in St. Paul.

Eyewear trend transforms geek into chic

Nerd glasses. You see them everywhere these days. If you look around St. Olaf on any given day, you may be surprised by the number of people sporting these -- dare we say chic -- vintage glasses. But what are nerd glasses exactly?

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