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ISSUE 117 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/26/2003


The Dating Game

Dating at St. Olaf can be a murky and shallow pond in which to swim. Complaints about the sparse pickings are heard all across the hill; it seems most people are either in a very serious relationship on the path to matrimony or simply single. The small number of people on campus may be one of the causes of this phenomenon. Random hook ups and unpleasant breakups are all the more painful on a small campus, where a run-in with an old fling is practically inevitable. In an effort to alleviate in some small way the dating shortage, two unattached individuals were set up in the most sterile experimental lab setting of sorts – the dreaded blind date. Here’s how the afternoon unfolded...

Undergrads tie the knot ... not

Marriage is commonly accepted as one of the most highly prized of all human relationships and as a primary life goal for most Americans. The desire to marry begins during childhood (perhaps learned from parents). As a child grows, so too does the inclination towards matrimony.

Critic's Corner

With darkly elemental cinematography reminiscent of “The Matrix,” “The Crow,” and last summer’s “28 Days Later,” the recently-released “Underworld” depicts a blue, tenebrous scene, heavy with bloodshed and century-ancient feuds. Werewolves (here, called “Lycans”) are at odds with London’s night-crawling vampire clans, all for reasons that remain unknown to viewers until the last stretch of the action-packed film. What viewers do know is that vampiress Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a Lycan-hunting “death dealer,” is out to uncover the truth behind the age-old war.

Sex on the Hill

Does anybody on this campus own “Deep Throat?” I’m going through an informal pornographic education, and I’m starting with the classics. I checked Stotella and then realized I knew at least 25 men in my residence hall who owned porn. Who needs to download when a pornographic wonderland is just steps down the hall? I made the rounds, knocked on a few doors, browsed some bookshelves, but no “Deep Throat.” A friend offered to loan out some other films, however, so I took him up on it.

Day 'livens up' outdoor concert

Howie Day has a unique talent. If anything, the art of live performance is the true measure of an artist and his vision. Day is one of the more powerful and evocative examples of a truly laudable live performer, and despite the oppressive heat at the Cities ‘97 “Concert in the Park” in Shakopee on Sept. 7, he delivered a brief yet quintessential performance.

The buzz down at Byzantine

Craving good ethnic food but don’t have the time or energy to make the long haul to the Twin Cities? Try the Byzantine Village Cafe, found on the corner of Hwy. 3 and Woodley Street, next to McDonald’s.

This Week at St. Olaf: 1953, 1983, and 1993

This week in 1953… Students lined up to join the new square dancing club, an organization that campus officials hoped would help to solve “the social problem” generated by the college’s relatively isolated position on the top of a hill.

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