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ISSUE 117 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/10/2003


Magic: The Gathering

The game has been called “cardboard crack” and “Magic: The Addiction.” Its players have been labeled geeks or worse, freaks. The world of “Magic: The Gathering” has remained an obscure, unexplored subculture for many, even for those at St. Olaf where an unofficial Magic club meets every Saturday at 2 p.m. in the Mellby lounge.

Critic's Corner

To put it simply, “Heavier Things” was an album John Mayer had to make. Following a critically acclaimed, top 20, Grammy–winning and triple–platinum debut album, “Room for Squares,” Mayer found himself the leader of a new pack of multi–genre artists.

Trick(ster) or Treat

I used to be a trickster, and I don’t mean a court jester. Last Christmas, I visited with a friend from high school. We had a few drinks, and inevitably discussed our relationships. At the time, I was dating two men. Not SLEEPING with two men, but dating. Both were intelligent, kind and attractive. Neither knew of the other’s existence; I saw nothing wrong with this. After much discussion, my friend leaned back in his chair, sighed and nodded knowingly. “You’re a trickster,” he said.

This Week at St. Olaf: 1903, 1953, and 1983

This week in 1903… Subscriptions to the Manitou Messenger, then a monthly publication, were $1 per year. Students lauded the paper for its wealth of content, and claimed that it had more pages for a smaller price than most college newspapers in the area.

CIS: 'Do-it-yourself' majors

The Center for Integrative Studies (CIS) is a program dedicated to promoting diverse ideas at St. Olaf. In this department, located on the sixth floor of Holland Hall, students can talk with advisors about creating their own majors.

Lady Madonna, a children's book at her feet

In a dramatic departure from her last literary endeavor in 1992 (a rather explicit photo essay entitled Sex), Madonna released her first children’s book, “The English Roses,” Sept. 22.

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