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ISSUE 117 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/7/2003


Reading, writing and lessons on life

Four St. Olaf professors, who seem to have found a balance between monetary success and intellectual satisfacion, offered to share their collective wisdom for those among us who don’t yet have it all sorted out.

Sex on the Hill: When Roles Become Rules

Here’s a little exercise for all you traditional gender role advocates out there: identify the gender of the speaker of the following quotes: “All most men care about is sex.” I’m sick of having empty sexual relationships; I want something more substantial.” Now try these: “Girls are way too uptight about sex.” “I’m so turned-on all the time it’s hard for me to concentrate.”

Critic's Corner

When attempting to remake a classic horror film, a director has one of two options at his disposal. He can: improve the cinematography of the film and expound upon the plot, or throw the plot out the window and shoot for some serious gore. Apparently Marcus Nispel, director of the recent adaptation of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” opted for the latter.

New album reveals different Strokes

The Strokes are something of a conundrum. The band is both strikingly modern and brilliantly retro, a combination that has critics and fans alike drawing comparisons to such timeless groups as the Ramones, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Their newest effort, “Room on Fire,” picks up where 2001’s “Is This It?” left off, providing a perfect companion and a perfect foil to the band’s previous works.

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