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ISSUE 117 VOL 9 PUBLISHED 11/21/2003


Making Christmas

The first snowfall last week served as a reminder that winter will inevitably return this year in all its fury and glory. Blinding blizzards and frigid fingers are on their way, the only remedy being to snuggle up under a fleece blanket beside a warm fire while the cold wind whips past the window. Winter means reunions of friends and relatives scattered across the country, and coming in from sledding with rosy cheeks to enjoy hot cocoa and tin after tin of Christmas cookies. Then comes the realization that it is also time to think about presents for parents, grandparents and roommates. Who has the time, money or energy for shopping? One solution is to make a gift.

Sex on the hill

The pornographic apocalypse is here. The day has finally arrived in which anyone can be a XXX performer. The latest Pay-Per-View reality series, “Can You Be A Porn Star?” features 28 eager female finalists who will meet to compete and win a $100,000 check and a one-year contract with a major adult video distributor.

Kicking new shins

Those who pay attention to pop music reviews have most likely run into the term “sophomore jinx.” The term refers to a band that has put out a well-received debut album, and who consequently faces pressure to repeat the success of their debut.

Critic's Corner

With past hits such as “Adia” and “Sweet Surrender,” fans of Sarah McLachlan have grown accustomed to the Canadian pop singer’s soothing voice and thought-provoking lyrics. On “Afterglow,” her first studio offering since 1997’s extremely popular “Surfacing,” McLachlan uses her familiar style and delivers another strong effort.

Club 3 Degrees mixes Christianity, music, fun

By enrolling in a Lutheran-affiliated college and living on a dry campus, many St. Olaf students non-verbally demonstrate the fact that they possess certain moral values that guide the choices that they make. Balancing one’s personal beliefs with the desire to go out and have fun can, however, sometimes cause internal conflict. However, Club 3 Degrees (C3D), a new addition to the Twin Cities’ club scene, has made the art of combining Christian faith with fantastic music its mission.

Ready, set, 'Date it Forward'

he lack of a happening dating scene at St. Olaf is old news. Everybody knows St. Olaf students are either single or are attached at the hip to their significant other. People keep talking about the absence of casual dating, but nobody has proposed a viable solution to this socially crippling conundrum – until now.

Instant loss of true messages

There are several must-haves when a student goes to college: underwear with one’s name on the tag, new pens and pencils and a bed set with matching throw pillows. Becoming increasingly important is a popular a method of electronic communication – something that is easy on the college student’s wallet and doesn’t involve time zone calculations. The new college must-have? America Online Instant Messenger, otherwise known as AIM.

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