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ISSUE 118 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/3/2004


There's always room for more

"There’'s always room for more,"” my mother would say to me, pushing a giant bowl of mashed potatoes in front of my nose with a look of intense anticipation. I never argued. I just smiled, grabbed the over-sized wooden spoon buried deep in the never-ending sea of spuds and shoveled as much as I could onto my plate.

Arcade Fire lights up

The Arcade Fire’'s debut album Funeral isn'’t even three months old, but the Montreal septet has already created sizeable buzz – and not just because of the constant Pixies references or cool Debussy name drops.

A pill for Bill?

For the last 40-some years, the pill has served mankind well. And when I say mankind, I mean “man” kind. It is time for women to pass the pregnancy-prevention torch to men.

Science behind nature's light show

On Nov. 7, the aurora borealis appeared above St. Olaf. My friends, President Thomforde and I watched these northern lights shine their glowing green light, which even reached observers in Oklahoma and California.

Exhibit shows true art of democracy

In the spirit of the election-year fanfare, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) is hosting "“Arts of Democracy: Tools of Persuasion.”" The result is similar to a gigantic political bulletin board.

U2 restores cosmic balance

It'’s almost unthinkable, but it’'s a miracle that U2 is still a band today.

Incredibly entertaining

Everyone, at one time or another, has harbored secret yearnings to possess super powers. And how. Pixar and Disney’s latest animated joint endeavor, “The Incredibles,” proves that superpowers aren’t just for comic book characters anymore.

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