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ISSUE 118 VOL 11 PUBLISHED 2/25/2005


Keeping Current

Unless you have been living under a rock or were off campus last semester, you know that the sale of WCAL was quite controversial on the hill.

Mitchell's 'Atlas' holds up

In a meteoric career, David Mitchell has established himself as one of the most ingenious fiction writers of recent times.

Oberst dishes up disappointments

Finally, Conor Oberst has arrived. Over the course of the past 10 years, the heartland’s indie wunderkind has grown up, and we’ve grown up with him.


The majority of individuals in their early twenties - in other words, most St. Olaf students - are not terribly worried about their fertility. Sexually active twentysomethings are more concerned with conception prevention than their future procreative potential.

Oscars: surmising statues

The Oscars are a time of importance, which is to say, a time when the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences looks down from its Olympian roost to tell the masses what is important in movies –– a time when ordinary viewers get to shake their fists upward and feel important in muttering about how wrong the critics are.

Overlooking 'Girl Culture'

In recent weeks, the Minneapolis art world has gone “girl crazy.” R. T. Ryback, the mayor of Minneapolis, has proclaimed the week of Feb. 20-26 “Girl Culture Week.”

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