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ISSUE 118 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 4/8/2005


The rise of Sin City

He creates an alternate, ultra-violent world in Basin City, a place where the men are not afraid to kill, torture and even mutilate to achieve their ends, and the majority of the women are gorgeous prostitutes who administer their own vicious brand of justice.

Personal media multiplies

From the mundane to the newsworthy, Weblogs, or “blogs,” are powerful communication tools of the 21st century.

'Anger' has an upside

In the black comedy “The Upside of Anger,” Joan Allen plays Terry Wolfmeyer, a suburban woman scorned when she believes her husband has left her and her four daughters for his Swedish secretary.

Religious tolerance extends to atheists, agnostics

St. Olaf identifies itself as a school dedicated to providing students with an education “committed to the liberal arts, rooted in the Christian gospel, and incorporating a global perspective.”

Beck returns to his rock roots

There are very few artists today whom Beck can consider his peers. Compared to Bob Dylan, Prince, The Beatles and other such monoliths of the industry, Beck still stands alone as one of the most unique artists of our time.

Dress to impress

We learn early in life that fashion is an important aspect of attracting the opposite (or the same) sex.

Graphic novels graitfy diverse readers

Finishing a book in a matter of hours becomes more and more rare as we age. But as adults embrace graphic novels, they can breeze through hefty-looking hardcovers with ease.

Lutefest headliner chosen

Newgrass sensation Nickel Creek will soon offer a country answer to last year’s blues-oriented Lutefest headliners, Indigenous.

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