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ISSUE 118 VOL 16 PUBLISHED 4/15/2005


I can't believe it's not a major!

Tucked away on the sixth floor of Holland Hall – a flight of stairs above the building's traditional department offices and classrooms – a place of extreme academic possibility awaits.

This season, ditch 'Pitch'

If you absolutely must watch the Farrelly brothers’ new baseball comedy “Fever Pitch,” do not watch it alone. It’s the kind of film that breathes better in a packed theater.

Mbele reads African tales

“It was a very selfish thing, you know, to write this book,” Associate Professor of English Joseph Mbele said. “It was to save my life.”

Cardinal Sin, an act of contrition

The blood-splattered cover of the Cardinal Sin’s Oil and Water EP indicates two things: The Cardinal Sin sucks at naming things, but they have a sense of humor.

Shake and fake

A scene that has played out in the bed of more than one St. Olaf student: Exhausted, disappointed man rolls over in bed. His equally disappointed girlfriend sighs.

Woodprints reflect nature, simply

Scandinavian design has long been treasured around the world for its simplicity and functionality. This trend is demonstrated by the immense popularity of IKEA and the revival of the Marimekko textile designs from the 1960s.

Ole Store, Roll to return

The Ole Store, an historical restaurant to Oles of all ages, will re-open June 1 under new owner Kevin Green.

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