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ISSUE 118 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/24/2004


Pizza Wars

What tears families apart, pits brother against brother, and ruptures fragile kin relations worse than the eternal Montague and Capulet rivalry? Pizza.

Fun finds for the fashionably frugal

For some people, the individuality that comes from having purple when ones neighbor has lime green just isn't enough.

The logistics of it all

Sometimes I wonder how sex can even happen on the Hill at all. Roommates, bunk beds and sheer lack of privacy get in the way of on-campus copulation. However, all of the students living on campus are not sexually frustrated. Those determined to get some are able to find creative ways to circumnavigate the many barriers and discover sexual satisfaction on the Hill.

Yesterday's grandeur recalled in 'Tomorrow'

It's the end of the world as we know it & again.

Taking adfantage

How exactly does a wind turbine convert wind's energy for our electrical consumption, and where does wind come from in the first place?

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