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ISSUE 118 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 10/1/2004


Fall Fashion

I usually don't feel a need to speak out about anything. Protests are boring, and what do they change anyway? A bunch of hippies get high and chain themselves to trees. I saw enough of that in high school. But in this case I feel I must say something -- no, I am divinely compelled. Am I speaking out against racism, hate or politics? No; I'm speaking out against the poncho. A horrible scourge has descended upon campus and the entire fashion world. In a time when everything vintage is "cool," many people fall into the trap of incorporating everything 1960s and 1970s into their wardrobe.

Casual cuddlers

The words "snuggle" and "cuddle" make my boyfriend gag. He says they sound like something from a bad personal ad: SWF. Blonde. Loves snuggling and cuddling. Ew &

Oates' 'Falls' into place

It becomes clear quite early in the prolific Joyce Carol Oates' newest novel, "The Falls," that the book is as much about a fall, and Niagara Falls the city, as it is about the geological marvel.

DiFranco, Cho campaign

"This country is too large and whoever's in charge had better take the elevator down and put more than change in our cup or else we & are coming & up." (from "Coming Up" by Ani DiFranco)

Fitzgerald celebrated: Fans gather from St. Paul to St. Peter's

In F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous work, "The Great Gatsby," an alert reader can even find a reference to St. Olaf in relation to Gatsby's less than magnificent past: "An instinct toward his future glory had led him, some months before, to the small Lutheran college of St. Olaf in Southern Minnesota." Alas, if only the description could end with this neutral, but somewhat pleasant tone.

Cinematic revolutions

"I got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it." Rufus T. Firefly may have been referring to the St. Olaf Film Club in this hilarious quotation from the Marx Brothers' wild and unrestrained 1933 film "Duck Soup." Though he was right in saying that Film Club is a club, he was wrong about the potential uses of it. No beatings have ever occurred in the name of Film Club, except during the frequent intellectual spars in the always lively and enlightening discussions following the weekly film showings.

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