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ISSUE 118 VOL 7 PUBLISHED 11/5/2004


The Breakfast Club

Fall Break. Those words alone signify a break from routine, whether it be a rest from classes, homework, people or just the Caf.

Simpson's song out of sync

On Saturday, Oct. 23, singer Ashlee Simpson experienced the biggest nightmare for any performer: being exposed as a lip-syncer.

Responding to readers

Its no secret that Oles like to voice their opinions. All one needs to do is stop near the mailboxes, listen in the cafeteria or sit in any residence hall for more than five minutes to hear dozens of comments on how wonderful or horrible lunch was, how fast or slow the elevators are or what desperately needed piece of mail did or did not come.

Rate before you register

As registration for Interim and second semester approaches, St. Olaf students can be seen desperately compiling lists of possible class schedules for the next academic period.

Like a virgin

While many people on campus are sexually active, there are some who by choice or circumstance have never had sex. We call these people virgins.

Revivalism digs deeper

The 80s weren't unbearable. Well, not all of it at least. You just have to dig a little deeper.

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