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ISSUE 119 VOL 11 PUBLISHED 2/24/2006


Ole eye for the Carl guy

Though St. Olaf and Carleton both call Northfield home, Oles and Carls are notorious for not generally mingling. In fact, the two colleges and their student bodies differ as much as night and day.

Posse of Five busts guts, rhymes in the Lair

The Posse of Five consists of five white guys that, for the most part, all hail from small Midwestern towns and cities in states like Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin – states that are not exactly traditional hotbeds of hip hop culture.

The Counterweight responds: Conservative paper seeks to provide balance

It’s been called a “Nazi newspaper.” It’s been spit on. Yet, according to editor Chase Donaldson ‘07, about 700 copies still fly off campus newsstands after every publication. It’s The Counterweight – St. Olaf’s latest privately run student newspaper.

Oscar buzz flies over praise-worthy films

With a little over a week until the Oscars, the parade of predictions is becoming about as clamorous and inexorable as a procession of siren blasts. For those of you who aspire to find your one true movie love in a place outside the red carpet, here are a few films and film performances that the Academy, in its finite wisdom, passed over.

Revovare conference promotes community

On Saturday, members of the St. Olaf and Northfield communities gathered in the Sun Room for a “Day of Grace.” This was the title of a daylong conference focusing on Christian unity and spiritual disciplines.

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