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ISSUE 119 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/10/2006


The Plastic Constellations

When TPC started as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed 15-year-old kids from Hopkins, Minn., they had no idea as to what their fate would be. But now, as maturing 23-year-old men, it has become increasingly clear that they are destined for greatness.

Animal Collective freaks out at First Avenue

Last Sunday, Minneapolis' First Avenue hosted Brooklyn's weirdest noise-pop outfit, Animal Collective. The venue, which has undergone a renaissance of sorts since it nearly closed last year, was comfortably full for a Sunday evening.

Turf wars in Rolvaag: Studiers compete for library nooks

People have been fighting over territory throughout all of recorded history. As sure as Neanderthal gentlemen with unintelligible names fought over the jurisdiction of the largest and driest cave and the American colonies rose up to claim their right to North America, these fights and squabbles are still going on today. One unlikely place where the war of territory is waged daily with ferocity befitting Alexander the Great, is right here on campus: Rolvaag Memorial Library.

Drag Ball provides change of pace, clothes

For one night every year, the Drag Ball gives students a chance to abandon dress codes, gender roles and inhibitions in celebration of cross-dressing.

Titus wins acclaim for nonfiction work

In between sessions of the American Conversation and English 222, Associate Professor of English Mary Titus put the finishing touches on her nonfiction work, “The Ambivalent Art of Katherine Ann Porter.”

Eating disorder rumors exaggerated

You have probably heard it before – from your roommate, that girl down the hall, an acquaintance in the Caf: “Eating disorders are so much higher at St. Olaf than at other schools.” In the spirit of Body Image Week, the Messenger decided to investigate these claims.

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