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ISSUE 119 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 4/28/2006


Webs of rockers stick together

It is pretty impressive that St. Olaf's own Joey Kantor '07 can be connected to pop idols like Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani by less than six musical degrees of separation. The preposterous nature of that statement becomes easier to swallow when one realizes the extensive network of Ole graduates in the world of pop music.

"Thank You for Smoking" a bit of a drag

In Jason Reitman's first feature film, “Thank You for Smoking,” the silver-scaled underbelly of America's political culture is exposed in all its wretched (and hilarious) glory. Nick Naylor, the fantastically underused Aaron Eckhart, plays the worst sort of politically incorrect villain in the late 20th-century: a lobbyist who defends Big Tobacco.

I ink, therefore I am

My grandpa, who served with rowdy marines during World War II, calls tattoos “permanent reminders of temporary insanity.” Grandpa no doubt knew some marines who probably had a little too much fun one night and now have a reminder on their bicep.

Twins bid to ditch "Humpty Dome"

Those of you who have been paying any attention at all to the Minnesota political scene should know that the quest for a new Twins ballpark recently experienced a major boost. Last week, the Minnesota House Taxes Committee voted that a referendum would not be needed to enact a .15 percent Hennepin County sale tax to help fund a $522 million Twins ballpark.

Pick up a book, stop dropping bombs

A foundational pillar of the St. Olaf education is gaining a multicultural awareness or, as the mission statement says, “incorporat[ing] a global perspective.”

Northfield residents think outside bottle

Recently, Northfield residents were invited to take the Tap Water Challenge, an event that dared participants to put on blindfolds and try to tell the difference between tap water and bottled water.

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