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ISSUE 119 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/5/2006


Great times, Golden Oles

They don't bring iPods or laptops to the library. They are never running to class, procrastinating on a paper, tormenting the campus squirrels or text-messaging their roommate about dinner plans. They aren't worrying about what to do with their major or how to make a living after life on the Hill. They don't check their e-mail 50 times a day. But these people are still Oles.

Oles voted off Carleton island

If you've ever been to a party at Carleton, chances are pretty good that you have been to a Wednesday night island party. On the island, hidden in the middle of campus, students cross over a bridge to a party wonderland: beer, tiki torches, a bonfire, music and lots and lots of people.

Cinco de Mayo celebrated

El Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May in Spanish, is a national celebration in Mexico. It is also a popularly celebrated holiday in most large American cities. ¡Presente!, St. Olaf's Latino cultural organization, is the sponsor of activities surrounding Cinco de Mayo, including Día sin Latinos and Viva La Raza.

Sex on the Hill: The elusive male orNOTgasm

The male orgasm is a mixed blessing. Men rarely, if ever, achieve multiple orgasms. We often perform with the stamina of a Puritan preacher on his wedding-night. Our organs lack anything like the pleasure-packed density of clitoral nerve fibers. In short, the male orgasm kinda sucks.

Metric stumble on 'Live it Out'

"Live It Out" wasn't that good. Okay, I said it. There it is in black and white. Before you label me a blasphemer or tell me that I'm too busy kissing Jeff Mangum's boots to possibly be able to speak intelligently about modern female-fronted rock bands, please allow me to explain.

'United 93' tackles terror with grace

"United 93," Paul Greengrass's film about the Sept. 11 high jacking of the United Airlines flight that crashed outside of Shanksville, Penn., is a stunning film that documents, in real time, the events on that flight.

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