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ISSUE 119 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 9/30/2005


Dorm myths

Sometime between the rush of March 1 acceptance letters, high school graduation open houses and hysterical trips to Target with family, the incoming class of first years at St. Olaf receives its room assignments.

Beck shows signs of fatigue: St. Paul concert lacks musician's usual gusto

Beck sauntered into St. Paul's Roy Wilkins Auditorium this past Monday, Sept. 19, with his merry band of "spazoids" bent on taking Minnesota by storm. While I didn't leave feeling swept, the show undoubtedly proved one thing: Beck - born Beck Hansen - knows how to make an audience boogie.

Sex on the Hill: Sluttery

Order an Ole to "get thee to a nunnery" on campus, and the fourth floor of Ellingson would be the logical first choice (it's nicknamed the nunnery). But can you point me toward the sluttery?

'Corpse Bride' pales to 'Nightmare'

Most Tim Burton films open with a flourish of style, utilizing crane shots, fast cut-aways and revealing character zooms. These dazzling techniques are then contrasted by a liberal use of bleak colors and tones. We see this most notably in the dreary grays in "Planet of the Apes," the slight yellows in "Sleepy Hollow," and the drowning blacks in "Batman." "Corpse Bride" is no exception to the rule.

Under the radar: Fall indie record reviews

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are no longer Brooklyn's best kept secret. Red-hot raves from Pitchfork and Matthew Perpetua, the founder of the influential fluxblog, have propelled the group to the margins of the mainstream.

Switchfoot's lyrics, heart make old 'Sound' new

On the heels of 2003's lively Beautiful Letdown, which thrust the band Switchfoot further into the public eye, the San Diego rockers returned this year with a follow-up album, Nothing is Sound.

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