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ISSUE 119 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 10/28/2005


From a basement on the hill: Exploring the underbelly of campus bands

If F. Melius Christiansen were a student at St. Olaf College today, would he play lead guitar for a campus band and routinely stage dive like Eddie Vedder? For over a hundred years St. Olaf has a long history of supporting musical excellence, but the specter of the on-campus music organizations has often eclipsed student bands striving to fill a vacant niche in alternative music.

Cosmetologist cuts a good deal

Getting a haircut from first-year Holly Patterson is a curious mix of professionalism and casual college-student atmosphere.

Friendly ghosts roam dorms

It’s inevitable that a school as old as St. Olaf will accumulate a fair share of ghost stories. In fact, the college seems to be extraordinarily endowed with a paranormal presence – so much so that, in an online survey of the most haunted places in Minnesota, St. Olaf College is listed four separate times – more than any other single site in the entire state.

Decemberists set sail at First Ave.: Portland rockers impress with theatrical performance

The Portland-based band The Decemberists sailed into the Twin Cities for the second time this year last Friday, and when they told the audience to "Scream like you’re being eaten by a whale," we all did.

Tapes secure with new album

The sophomore release from Twin Cities rockers Tapes ‘n Tapes proves that they are, in fact, sticking around for some time. Embodying a sound that is distinctly reminiscent of 1973, the record sounds like David Bowie’s Hunky Dory but with more dirt and frustration.

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