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ISSUE 119 VOL 8 PUBLISHED 11/11/2005


STOGROW plants new roots

An L-shaped plot of dirt, some rambling chickens, a couple of sheds, a barn and a farm emerge out of the dusky darkness at the bottom of the Hill. Located at the edge of St. Olaf’s natural lands, the farm is quiet now after a busy growing season.

'"Jarhead" Reinvents war movie genre

Once in a long while a movie comes along that defies convention, turns all expectations upside down and ultimately offers the audience something completely original. Sam Mendes’ recent film, “Jarhead,” is one such movie.

'Scene' beats critics: 17-member collective lives up to hype

“Hyped” and “heavily-produced” are not catchphrases normally associated with good records. But the heavily hyped 17-piece collective Broken Social Scene has delivered a strong, ambitious and innovative fourth album.

All Taliaferro needs is love, love, love

If you have not taken a course with philosophy professor Charles Taliaferro, you have no doubt had a friend or two who has. He is one of the most eccentric professors on campus, often interjecting his classes with light-hearted comments and hilarious stories from his college days.

"Lost" finds loyal following

If someone tells you to "get lost" this week, it might not actually be an insult. In fact, it might be an invitation to travel to a mysterious tropical island where polar bears roam freely, giant monsters patrol the jungles, and a heaping portion of mythology (with a side of character development) is the order of the day.

Film glorifies simplicity

“I don’t think my way through movies. I feel,” Minnesota film director Ali Selim announced to a full theater of St. Olaf and Carleton students, professors and Northfield residents this Saturday after an advance-screening of his most recent film, “Sweet Land.” It was a statement that played well with his audience.

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