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ISSUE 120 VOL 1 PUBLISHED 9/22/2006


Caf-tastrophe: Spills happen to everyone, but how do students handle a caf tray fiasco?

You never thought it would happen to you. One moment you were just one of many hungry Oles, waiting in the home line, stopping for a beverage, and indulging in a seven-layer bar before proceeding to find a table in Stav Hall. But in the blink of an eye, all that changed.

R.E.M. retrospective first-rate

R.E.M. fans have had a fair amount to complain about since the turn of the century, with two weak albums and Warner Brothers' ill-conceived pushes for greatest hits discs and insincere record re-releases. But And I Feel Fine, a compilation of the band's most successful songs and rarities from their IRS record label years, is solidly the best thing to happen to R.E.M. fans since New Adventures In Hi-Fi (If you aren't hip to the lingo, that's the best thing to happen in 10 years).

Can Maria's break the curse?

When it comes to success, the establishments at the corner of Highway 19 and 2nd street have had worse luck than Wal-Mart's public relations department. Upperclassmen will recall the Quizno's that used to occupy the building, followed by last year's ill-fated Wiggles and Wok. Each September brings a new restaurant our way, but none have succeeded in breaking the curse that seems to haunt the property. Is Maria's Mexican Grill and Taquería up to the challenge?

To The Mountain Goats

Dear John, The best thing about you standing on the stage, is that it's you, and you're standing on the stage.

'Last Kiss' fails to captivate audience

Ahhh, the man-boy. From Peter Pan to Goethe's Young Werther to Salinger's Seymour Glass, the “adultescent” male has long been a stereotype of Western culture. Society begs him to grow up, make decisions, confront the phonies of the world and marry the girl, but he can't. Why? Because it's not fun, or in the words of Michael (Zach Braff) in “The Last Kiss,” growing up means that “there are no surprises left.” Boo-hoo.

Sex on the Hill: The slippery slope to better, safer sex

A friend of mine once had a mammoth bottle of passion fruit flavored lube proudly displayed on the coffee table of her Thorson dorm room. Next to the purple dispenser sat an equally tantalizing bowl of various chewy candies. Unable to control my desire and curiosity, I picked up a Starburst, slowly unwrapped it, and drizzled a bit of passion fruit love sauce on it for a taste test.

Old shoes find new glory

Fashion trends may come and go, but for some Oles, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars last a lifetime. Distinguished by their white rubber soles, toe guards and “All-Star” patches, these classic athletic shoes have passed the test of time, gaining a loyal following over more than 70 years.

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