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ISSUE 120 VOL 12 PUBLISHED 2/23/2007


Bockfest 2007: What a beer blast!

Tucked into the heart of the Minnesota River Valley, New Ulm spreads out over a small swath of flat prairie land. A sprinkling of sensible single family homes cluster around the outside of the city center, while a smattering of Midwestern manufacturing staples like 3M, Kraft Foods and Caterpillar are scattered throughout the new outcrop of suburban developments that have popped up over the past decade.

Trackers seek campus critters

If you thought the only thriving species at St. Olaf were squirrels and music majors, you had better think again. St. Olaf's natural lands are home to an eclectic assortment of critters large and small, and all it takes is a little sleuthing to find them – or at least evidence of them.

Potter fanatics debate Snape

The question of Harry’s survival, discussed in last week’s issue, is just one of the fascinating questions facing Harry Potter fans as they look forward to the July release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Another important question is the location of Snape’s loyalties.

Apple stuns industry with new iPhone: Steve Jobs' new wonder gizmo innovates, carries high price tag

“The iPhone holds over two billion songs – that's billion with a “B,” said Steve Jobs-impersonator Fred Armisen on a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live.” According to the show, other notable features of this “revolutionizing” communication device include the ability to store over 150 “kabillion” contacts, a flashlight, a Starbucks and, most importantly, an iGenie (which will grant you three iWishes when you rub it).

Local hair salon shears, styles

According to popular myth, a certain magazine of questionable character once declared that St. Olaf College co-eds were among the most attractive in the nation. Unfortunately, St. Olaf is not only known for its good-looking student body, but also for the rigorous academic schedule that keeps said-beautiful students stranded on the Hill, their hair becoming increasingly shaggy with every weekend spent studying instead of visiting one of the numerous hair salons downtown.

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