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ISSUE 120 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 4/27/2007


On the Road Again: A Funky Day Trip Guide

Looking for a day or a night off campus full of adventure and meaning? Need a place to study away from Northfield? These getaways fall off the beaten path, and are random – even educational– alternatives to the Saturday afternoon you might spend at the Mall of America or in your room on Facebook.

Adventure games suffer decline

We miss adventure games. The genre got its major start in 1984, when Sierra On-Line published the first King’s Quest for the IBM PCjr. The decade that followed was a revolutionary time for games, because storyline and character development became central design elements, shifting gameplay’s emphasis away from pure strategy or reflexes.

Sex on the Hill: Anti-climax

I'm excited and a little sad to be writing my last sex column. With the finish line in sight, I'm somewhat tempted to climax with an erotic little romp into sex-positivism. I'm equally tempted to leave you with a touching and thoroughly boring reflection on my experience writing this column over the past several semesters. If you're looking for the former, I think I'll just direct you to “Alice in Wonderland,” the deliciously X-rated musical from the ‘70s. If you're looking for the latter, look no further: It’s the cliché I’ve inevitably fallen into, though I'll try my best to be sincere instead of maudlin.

‘Vacancy’ offers consistent thrills

In “Vacancy,” Amy (Kate Beckinsale) and David Fox (Luke Wilson) are returning from an arduous family reunion, on their way to Los Angeles. On their trip, they encounter car problems and inevitably pull into a motel at which Norman Bates could feel right at home. After some awkward exchanges with the owner, they reluctantly decide to spend the night.

Under the Radar: Spring Indie Record Reviews

Some of you may recognize Laura Veirs for her contributions to the Decemberists’ The Crane Wife, which was released last fall. But what many don’t realize is that Veirs is actually a Carleton graduate who has been actively making music for the past eight years. Over the past two years, her sweet folk-pop has gained her a loyal following in the new folk crowd.

Summer research showcases discovery

After a frigid Minnesota winter runs its course and the sun starts to shine, most Oles begin dreaming of summer vacation. For the most part, vacation fantasies feature leisurely boat rides at lake cabins. However, select students from St. Olaf’s biology, chemistry, math and computer science departments eschew the prospect of relaxation, choosing instead to spend three months of potential summer fun hunched over microscopes and humming computers with St. Olaf professors.

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