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ISSUE 120 VOL 2 PUBLISHED 9/29/2006


The Thermals: The Blood, The Body, The Almighty Power of Rock

I have had the good fortune of following The Thermals since the band's infancy and have enjoyed watching them grow from an underappreciated, noisy post-punk rock band to an almost-as-appreciated-as-they-should-be, noisy post-punk rock band.

The man inside the big, furry head: An interview with long-time mascot Ole the Lion

Erik Fosheim ‘05 and Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) have a couple of things in common.

Sex on the Hill: Get Tested

Earlier this week, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an HIV/AIDS wake up call for all Americans, urging everyone aged 13-64 be tested for their HIV status.

Jewish Honor House offers kosher haven

This past Saturday, the smell of good, kosher cooking filled the kitchen at the Aaker House.

Thriftstores peddle unique clothing

Thrift stores, known as charity shops in England, have been able to shed much of the social stigma surrounding them and as a result are now standard shopping fare for teenagers and young adults.

'Sunshine' is an atypical film

What do a dirty old man, a teenager who hasn't spoken in months, an unsuccessful motivational speaker, a working mom, a gay academic and attempted suicide, and a pudgy little girl who wants to be a beauty queen have in common? Not much, really, but they're family and that's enough.

Larson Coffeehouse serves quick snacks, good times

Larson's busy nightlife is bolstered by the presence of the Larson Coffeehouse, opened in 1985 by Larson's Hall Council. Since then, caffeine-fueled night owls who have won the room-draw lottery have been flocking to Larson's accommodating roost.

Networking sites ensnare students

Bebo, Bolt, Flickr, Friendster, Hi5, LiveJournal, MySpace, orkut, Xanga, Yahoo! 360, YouTube… These names are emblazoned in the catechism of Internet savvy Generation Y. They are the names of the most popular social networking sites, sanctified forms of communication, socialization and individualization.

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