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ISSUE 120 VOL 3 PUBLISHED 10/6/2006


Northfield for nature lovers

It's October and it's 80 degrees. It's also the peak of the fall foliage. Welcome to Minnesota. Buckle your Chacos, fill your Nalgene, put on a back pack and get your Hill-residing self out to the hundreds of acres of stunning natural lands waiting in the Northfield area.

The life aquatic with John Campion

On Friday I was sitting with John Campion in his office in the Informational and Instructional Technologies (IIT) department watching him write furiously on a piece of scrap paper. He scribbled out some numbers, multiplied them and looked up.

Late-night hunger pangs soothed

It's 2 a.m and you can hear your empty stomach grumbling. If it's Thursday and you have a test the next day, you'll need that extra fuel to keep you going through the night. If it's Saturday, you need some carbohydrates before you go to bed. Those Wheat Thins your mom sent you in a care package just aren't doing the job. You have to seek out Northfield's options for late night food.

The best and the worst of aquarium fish

Growing up, nearly everyone had a goldfish in a bowl. But now that we're in college, isn't it time to get some cooler fish?

Sex on the Hill: Paris Hilton's weight loss secret

Many of us start off the new school year with resolutions to get back in shape. After summers spent at camps, parties and in our parents' kitchens, the ready availability of vegetables and exercise machines on campus promises us a place to clean out our arterial piping.

Scooters strike up an enthusiastic following

St. Olaf may be a small campus, but that's no excuse not to travel the Hill in style. For a few Oles, the best way to navigate campus is not by foot, but on a pair of wheels. In short, scooters are making a comeback.

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