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ISSUE 120 VOL 4 PUBLISHED 10/13/2006


Prehistoric beast thrills crowds

It’s not everyday the average St. Olaf student gets to handle an American alligator. But working with 'gators and similar cold-blooded creatures is business as usual for handler Jaime Pastika.

Hypnotist mesmerizes students

Frederick Winters doesn't wear a star-spangled cape or dangle a pocket watch. He doesn't use spinning targets or hocus pocus to turn people into zombies. But Winters is a bona fide hypnotist and he visited St. Olaf Oct. 6.

Decemberists’ storytelling delights

The Crane Wife, which was released on Oct. 3, marks the brainy, Portland-based rockers’ first album on a major label. Despite the move away from their Kill Rock Stars record label roots and their collaboration with producer Chris Walla (of Death Cab for Cutie fame), the group has created a fabulously moody, emotionally charged masterpiece.

Sex on the Hill: Coming out in style

So, the day is finally here. Your white gown is steamed and pressed, your satin gloves tailored and readied, and your high-heeled curtsy rehearsed and perfected. You're finally ready to walk down that polished mahogany staircase, arm-in-arm with a white tuxedoed gentleman, and present your soon-to-be public identity to your community: you're queer.

'Departed' brilliantly cast, directed: A-list stars shine in Scorsese’s recent mobster masterpiece

It was Martin Scorsese that single-handedly instilled in me a love of film. While I had always enjoyed a weekend trip to the movie theater, aside from the latest Disney/Pixar offering, I was more likely to spend my $7.25 on the latest shoot-em-up action movie than on anything that could be considered close to Oscar bait. Not that by-the-numbers action films don't have their place, I just didn't know there was any other kind of cinema.

Web cartoons amuse and distract

Artistically speaking, the Internet has allowed for some revolutionary changes for cartoonists. No longer confined to traditional space or formatting rules, cartoon artists can combine computer graphics with Internet coding to redefine the visual presentation of their work

Cute on Campus

It has happened time and time again; a hapless student, intrigued by mysterious rustling in a nearby trash can, peers in, only to be surprised when a famished squirrel leaps out of the can.

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