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ISSUE 120 VOL 5 PUBLISHED 10/27/2006


Spooky spectres startle students

In 1991, Dean Kneser was busily working in his office when two frantic girls rushed into his office. The first girl had a fresh gash marring her forehead, and the second was injury-free but nevertheless frightened.

Sex on the Hill: Boozin' bums

The urban myth is not just a myth. Many people, such as alcoholics (who are at risk for stomach ulcers) and others with medical conditions that might prevent the oral consumption of alcohol have been known to use other orifices to get a little schwasted.

Coppola’s modern ‘Marie’ sparkles

Long a symbol of an overfed and selfish monarchy, Marie Antoinette is not the easiest sell as the protagonist of Sofia Coppola's new biopic “Marie Antoinette.” But with beautiful cinematography and strong performances, Coppola manages to get under the skin of the fated “teen queen” and tells the story of her coming of age with sensitivity and careful precision.

Hold Steady’s sound matures

After spending five minutes gushing to Craig Finn about how much I loved Finn's former group Lifter Puller, how much I love the Hold Steady, how much I love the new record and, in turn, him, he finally summed it up for me: "Yeah. I'm really proud of it and I'm really excited about it and I'm glad everyone is excited ... and I'm glad you like it, Ian."

Who's hot and who's not in state politics

Politicians have never been known to be the most stylish people. From the prematurely ancient-looking Amy Klobuchar to the supremely average Tim Pawlenty, here is a tour of the good, the bad and especially the ugly of Minnesota politicians.

Classic horror movie to die for

Of course, you can always rent The Blair Witch Project and be terrified by someone's proximity to the camera, but why not treat yourself this Halloween? Find a friend, scan the list, and choose one you haven't seen. You may not need to hold someone's hand, but you may find yourself clapping when you're through.

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