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ISSUE 120 VOL 6 PUBLISHED 11/3/2006


Everyday Amore: The Joy of Campus Crushes

You see them everywhere: at lunch in the Caf, while walking to your 9 a.m. class every Monday, while working out at your normal workout time at Tostrud, or in your Tuesday/Thursday history class. They are enigmatic – maybe you have never spoken to them, maybe you have only asked to borrow a pencil.

Explorer highlights climate change

After 20 years of traversing the Arctic, renowned polar explorer Paul Schurke is still drawn back every year to the ethereal, treacherous land of snow and ice.

Fall shows entertain, refresh

With every fall season come changes in the leaves, changes in the temperature and changes in the television schedule. As each brilliantly colored leaf hangs on as long as possible, each new television series is simply doing its best not to get blown off its primetime perch.

Simple tips to avoid stressing out

Midterms may be over, but one thing is certain: Oles are still stressed. While stress is not solely a St. Olaf phenomenon, it feels heightened at a place where many students juggle multiple majors, a handful of extracurricular activities – heaven forbid you're in just one – and sometimes extra research, political campaigning or an internship just for good measure.

Sex on the Hill: ph!Nd!Ng d8z oN +h3h!11

As your sex columnist for a good while now, I've been pretty proud of myself for avoiding the requisite “there's no dating scene at St. Olaf” article. Previous columnists have explored this widely accepted idea often and thoroughly.

'Fragile Things' provides wonder

“Short Fictions and Wonder” is the tagline on the cover of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things, and that is precisely what it delivers. Fragile Things is a collection of short stories, poems and some altogether unclassifiable works of prose. But as stated, it is full of wonders.

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