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ISSUE 120 VOL 8 PUBLISHED 11/17/2006


Sex on the Hill: Masturbation tips

Despite the checks and balances we often place on our pleasurable pursuits, there are many ways to explore self-gratification that are often overlooked.

Discovery Channel offers viewing alternative

My alienation from major network television has driven me into the loving arms of the Discovery Channel. Sometimes I want to be coddled, educated, scared and amazed. Oh, Discovery Channel, you are matronly television. No more will I rot my brain with the hot bodies and drama on shows like “Lost.”

Ferrell reinvents himself in ‘Fiction’

Will Ferrell's patented brand of wild, sophomoric, boisterous comedy is quickly becoming boring and clichéd. Fortunately, however, it seems Ferrell is taking notice, and his new effort, the breezy comedy “Stranger Than Fiction,” is a strong step in the right direction.

The proliferation of online 'cute'

Cute is an anomaly on a residential campus. Seeing small children is out of the ordinary, and seeing animals, other than squirrels, is rare. I remember the first few weeks of school first year, when one of my roommates went through pet withdrawal and asked her mom to put her cats on the phone. After listening to a series of meows and purrs, my roommate felt the conversation with those cute little animals helped put her at ease.

The Multi-tasking Ole

Everything that you started at the beginning of school needs your attention. Ever since you decided to change your double major of music and Norwegian to a triple major of music, Norwegian and English with a concentration in women's studies, you have been preoccupied with figuring out how to take all the required classes along with the infamous GEs. Because, you tell yourself, why stick with a double major when you could work yourself to death and triple major? After all, you're an Ole.

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