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ISSUE 121 VOL 10 PUBLISHED 12/7/2007


Seek, and you shall find

February may be designated Black History Month, but black history is woven into every day of every week of every month of every year. Without black history there would be no light bulb, there would be no refrigerator, no traffic light and no ironing board.

Northfield: A Rocky History

The geology of Northfield has been tumultuously shaped by glaciations, thaws and the whims of global weather.

Getting gifts on a budget

Christmas can be a trying time for the college student. As much as one may look forward to the chance to see family and friends, finding the right gifts for everyone often presents a challenge, particularly for a student living on a budget who may wish to give presents to people both at school and at home.

Norwegian sweaters bombard senses

I'm a knitter, and I do love sweaters, but there's something about Christmas sweaters that just isn't right.

Haley Bonar perfects her sound

Music from an artist like Haley Bonar a testament to how good the Minneapolis indie scene can be.

Sex on the Hill: I Touch Myself

I remember a choir bus ride in high school (oh, choir bus rides in high school) during which the topic of masturbation arose.

Dylan film captures enigma

There was always that kid in high school. He suddenly grew his hair out and didn't comb it so it would rise up like a wild shrub over his sunglasses. He became indecipherable and moody, constantly toting a notebook around. But no matter how hard he tried to become Bob Dylan, he was just an imposter.

Kahlo exhibit chronicles life

If you take a peek into the Walker Art Center's Frida Kahlo exhibit, you'll find more than the artist's work -- you'll gain a powerful sense of the life that shaped her iconic artistry.

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