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ISSUE 121 VOL 13 PUBLISHED 3/7/2008


Consumer Advocacy: Fighting the man

In the post-Enron world, consumers are increasingly skeptical of large corporations. In an environment where corporate executives like Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skillings can commit widespread corporate fraud -- an act which, in their case, cost shareholdings and employees billions of dollars when the company went bankrupt -- consumers are certainly justified for feeling a little wary.

Academy Awards play to favorites

The Academy Awards did not offer much in the way of drama this year, certainly not compared to last year's suspense over whether Martin Scorsese would win his long-awaited and deserved Best Director award.

Class sizes create challenges

When choosing a college, one factor that many applicants take into consideration is class size. Smaller class size is generally thought of as an advantage, which tends to create a more personal environment with greater attention on the individual.

Waffle bar promises renewed nightlife

St. Olaf and Carleton coeds used to bemoan Northfield's lack of nightlife. A town where even Perkins, the 24-hour student source for coffee, finals food and midnight munchies closes at 11 p.m., Northfield often seemed less like a college town and more like a retirement community.

Etiquette tips for on-campus dining

We all have stories about the Stav Hall, including those classic Caf moments: stealing trays to go sledding, getting yelled at for trying to sneak out too much fruit, seeing someone faint or spilling your tray.

Sex on the Hill: Pride not prejudice

Of all our emotions, I think pride gets pushed to the side most often, especially in the United States. Yes, we can be proud "to be an American," proud of getting an "A" on a paper or proud of getting a pay raise, but how often are we actually proud of ourselves for just existing, for being who we are?

'Vampire' lacks bite

For an extended period in high school, I spent a lot of time "jamming" on my guitar. I wore tie-dye t-shirts, listened to the Grateful Dead, lamented the current state of popular music and spent many hours trying to tap into the spirit of the 60s by playing along to old classic rock records.

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