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ISSUE 121 VOL 14 PUBLISHED 3/14/2008


Nude Models: An exposed exposé

Imagine walking into class on a Monday morning. You've got your coffee in hand, your homework is all done and you're at least kind of ready for the week. But instead of taking a seat with the students in the class, you head to the front of the room, strip off your clothes and strike a pose. Welcome to the world of nude modeling.

Curling grows in popularity

The first images that spring to mind when one thinks about the Winter Olympics often have to do with the speed of skiing, the competitive energy of hockey or the grace of figure skating. So how does curling, a sport known for its slow-moving strategy rather than its athletic intensity, fit in?

Transfer students cultivate community

Each autumn, there are a number of unfamiliar faces at St. Olaf, as eager first years begin their college years and other students return from their experiences abroad. However, there are always newcomers who fit into neither of those categories: transfer students.

Sex on the Hill: Let's talk about sex, baby

People tend to develop routines for their sexual behavior, too; a particular "warm-up" activity, a specific position or style for sex for the main event (which generally lasts about the same amount of time), and exactly five minutes of cuddling post-sex before either falling asleep or getting along with your daily routine. This can be fine most of the time -- but after a while, the routine can get pretty old.

Poet Laureate celebrates Minnesota

This past year, 81-year-old Robert Bly became Minnesotas most celebrated writer. On Feb. 27, hot off the heels of his acclaimed Peer Gynt adaptation for the Guthrie Theater, Bly was granted the states first-ever Poet Laureate position.

Irish rockers' style slides

In case you all didn't know, I'm cursed. Every time I fall hard for a band, they will inevitably release nothing but mediocre albums thereafter, leaving me with a half-full sensation and not much to say about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit for your consideration Flogging Molly's Float.

Fundraising parties grow

One of the most intriguing developments to come out of this year's campaign season has been the emergence of young voters as a key source of fundraising power for the Democratic candidates, specifically Barack Obama.

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