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ISSUE 121 VOL 15 PUBLISHED 3/21/2008


Lindsy Halleckson: Artist by day, rollergirl by night

In her journeys beyond St. Olaf, she also acquired an alternate identity. Today Lindsy Halleckson is better known as Rebel Stella: Roller Derby Extraordinaire and president of the board of directors of the Minnesota RollerGirls.

'Smash Bros.' rumble

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl" is one of the best multiplayer games in years. Everything that was right about "Melee," debatably the greatest multiplayer game of all time, is back. Add to that over a dozen new characters, new stages, new features and online play, and it's hard to complain about "Brawl." It's a no-brainer for any Wii owner, and it's destined to become the next great dorm room party game.

City bloggers go toe to toe

Last Tuesday afternoon, a group of men and women of all ages from the Northfield community gathered at Froggy Bottoms Pub for the first official F2F (Frog to Frog) Northfield meeting. The meeting, hosted by prolific blogger Susan Hvistendahl, who edits the FrogBlog, drew together several members of the Northfield blogging community. Living together in a small town, it seems as if most people in the community might know one another.

Sex on the Hil: Get tan, not pregnant

This article is about the only time you will hear me sound like a concerned mom about sexual activity. Spring break can be an amazing time, but it can also be really dangerous with the effects lasting for the rest of your life. As many of you embark on your fabulous journeys to beautiful beachy locations, remember to have fun, yet do all you can to stay safe.

'10,000 B.C.' devoid of thrills, intelligence

Overall, "10,000 B.C." is a movie you should see only if you like being disappointed, or if you like movies that aren't good. If you want a pre-historic movie with man-eating wild animals, tribal warfare, pyramids and (shudder) lots of reading, you should check out "Apocalypto."

American Atheists will convene

It's Easter weekend and people nationwide are searching. Children in dressy frocks crouch for candy-filled, fake plastic eggs while adults lament that meaning is harder to find without a pocketable, neon shell. Some will pass the weekend like any other, doing a laundry load between "Matlock" re-runs before errands to the video store and supermarket. Still, others on this holy weekend will be trying to find the room for professor Richard Dawkin's speech on his hit book "The God Delusion," a seminar focusing on how "Religion Works without Belief or Meaning to Colonize Experience" or a lecture on the lack of archeological evidence establishing the existence of Nazareth, Jesus' birthplace.

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