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ISSUE 121 VOL 18 PUBLISHED 4/25/2008


Notes From the Underground: St. Olaf's Tunnels

The administration was not going to be happy with me. Walking past the Deans' offices on my way to the President's suite made me nervous. This wasn't just any trip to the administration building -- I was here because of the tunnels.

"Smart People" make for boring movie

Have you ever seen a movie where a relatively unknown director tries his hardest to emulate the style of another popular director, but it ends up being watered-down and awkward? Former TV commercial director Noam Murro's first film outing "Smart People" feels like a poor-man's Wes Anderson movie, with all the family dysfunction and melancholic overtones, but without the wit and charm of Anderson's work.

Jayber Crow grows up with Stories

Lots of things spoil with age: fruit, milk, U2. But some things, like wine and fruit-infused vodkas, just keep getting better. You can toss Jayber Crow into the latter category as well. The folk duo, comprised of Pete Nelson and Zach Hawkins, is back with a deeper, expanded sound on their first full-length album Two Short Stories.

Sex on the Hill: Suck face all over the place

Ah, spring. The flowers are finally in bloom, chirping birds wake us up in the morning and we can finally wear the shoulder-baring clothing (or lack thereof) that we've been itching for these last five months.

Homeopathy provokes skeptcism

Ever since people have gotten sick, there have been people telling them how to get better. Everyone's familiar with folk remedies: "Feed a cold, starve a fever," "Beer before liquor, never been sicker," and so on.

Publications offer creative outlet

The Quarry and The Reed both originated on the St. Olaf campus. The Quarry is a creative arts magazine, accepting poetry, prose and visual art submissions. The Reed is a journal of existentialism, accepting essays, poetry and prose on the topic. Both St. Olaf publications accept only undergraduate student work.

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