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ISSUE 121 VOL 19 PUBLISHED 5/2/2008


Lutefest: Fun, folk and festivities

Spring at St. Olaf. It's a distinctive time of year. After months of winter, the campus is finally coming alive. The days are longer, the grass is green and first-year men are running around without their shirts on despite the fact that it's only 50 degrees out -- all are indisputable, inevitable signs of the first weekend of May.

Hulu takes on YouTube was originally supposed to be launched last fall as an experimental video-on-demand, ad-supported website formed by NBC Universal and News Corp. (owners of Fox), but it was delayed by the writers' strike. Exactly a month after the strike ended on February 12, 2008, was launched with TV shows from NBC, Fox and their cable networks, along with several full-length movies. Hulu offers both full-length episodes and short clips of shows under the NBC or Fox umbrella, and most of the featured videos are relatively new.

Sketchy Artist fills niche

Students walking down Division Street this past semester may have encountered a new sign gracing the streets of Northfield. Looking further, some may have been pleasantly surprised to discover a new art supplies store filled with all sorts of paints, brushes, pens and paper. This is how I discovered The Sketchy Artist.

Partying dry on a dry campus

To drink, or not to drink, that is the question. Even on a dry campus like St. Olaf, we all know that parties involving alcohol happen every weekend. While those parties can certainly be fun, they are not the only way to have fun on the weekends or any other time. As a JC (and someone who happens to have chosen not to drink 'til it's legal), I know that even in a small town like Northfield, and on St. Olaf's humble campus, students have a plethora of options for some old-fashioned non-alcoholic fun.

Gospel Gossip makes a splash

Sometimes in our quest to have a rivalry with Carleton, we forget that there's actually some really tight stuff going on over there. Take, for instance, Gospel Gossip, a band made up of Carleton students, a Northfielder and a St. Olaf Alum. Gospel Gossip's, debut album, [i]Sing Into My Mouth,[/i] debuted earlier this year on Guilt-Ridden Pop to thunderous applause from the local music press.

Sex on the Hill: Don't fake the funk

Picture this: you are having sex, have been at it for a while, and you are nowhere close to the finish line. Your partner has that excited, yet slightly annoyed and impatient look on his or her face, and starts to say things like, "Ooh, baby, I'm close. Are you close?"

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